Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Collar Me Up the Eiffel Confessions.

(Warning..probably the most I've shared with you guys coming up...)

Hey peeps, frivolous stuff first...I finally found a top in my wardrobe that I think really goes with my collar (from the New Look sale) I like how the gold and silver compliment the colours of it. I tried it on with my Motley Crue tee which is kinda multicoloured, but I wasn't happy with how the pictures turned out. I'll add a pic at the end so you can see or yourself, I think this is way better! 

I'm also playing about with my jewellery and badges at the moment, I've pictured a few of my favourites in my collection.

Oh and I cut my fringe a lot shorter than I did originally, in homage to the Vulcans and their wonderfully tidy short fringes!(That is what Spock is from StarTrek, non-trekkies...If there is any!?)Geek? Me?!

I've tried out some new make up ideas too, and without mascara which is a nice change. I noticed a picture on Tumblr of two girls with red eyeshadow and I remembered this loose shadow I've had for ages, and tried it out under my bottom eyelashes. I like its gothy connotations. 

My only worry is, I think I stopped wearing it because people kept asking me if I was all right, and had I been crying. My boyfriend isn't keen either. I didn't put it on too heavy for this reason. I should be used to this kind of make up ingnorance, in school the boys would say 'Have you got black eyes? Did you get punched?' mocking my (innovative if somewhat daring) eyeshadow, well it was the 90's and I was a bit of a Goth, not much has changed.

I like the moon on this tee, bought in Paris (no way!)on one of my visits, about 2007... I went with a boy who had a crush on me, long story, but short story is that although we got very drunk and had fun it was a big mistake! He revealed his crush and pestered me the whole trip. I wasn't interested. OOPS.
A little close up of my ferocious freind, drooling on ye's.
Life has sucked quite a bit recently, namely with work issues, getting messed about with shifts and lack of by the agencies I work for, but at least I have you guys (bless), I'm sooo very grateful to everyone of my followers and anyone who reads my blog, its taken me a while to get into the swing of things (and I had a very demanding full time job!)but I'm always learning and ALWAYS enjoying doing it. 

I don't even really write about personal stuff normally but I try to show my personality in my pictures and the little jokes I write, I hope you get that. I'm like anyone, I have my down days, and right now I just really need my etsy shop to do well, otherwise I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with my life! I'm not cut out for normal jobs anymore, I've become like a wild animal, I can't be caged. My creative juices are flowing (eugh thats such a gross phrase dunno why I used it) and they can't be stopped!
New necklace, just chucked it on, will make a proper outfit just for this piece, I have a cool B&W sheer spotty shirt I'm saving...

My blog is my self indulgent escape where I'm in control (I'm quite Obsessive & Compulsive, a nervous person, a fidgit) but here everything looks how I imagine it to be. I'd be so frustrated and lost if I didn't have this outlet. I have so many friends who are successful designers/ artists etc...and sometimes I feel like I've been left behind. I didn't have a privileged up bringing and I've worked my hands down to gnarley nubs, something has got to click soon surely? 
Two of my favs- my wee Allsaints Ramskull, and eye pendant!
FACT.You can NEVER have TOO MANY CROSSES. Oh and new skull bracelet peeking in.
I'm not religious (but I do dig the words of Buddah) I doubt everything and try to be someone my family can be proud of, even if they don't quite understand why I'm different. My mum once said 'There is something about you Fran I don't quite get, a vunerability.' I was shocked because she had finally seen through my wall, to the me I had been hiding from her and everyone. I've always been the strong one, the confident one, the one they don't need to worry about.
more skulls and more crosses, anyone noticing a theme
I'm flawed, but imperfections fascinate me and the Latin phrase 'Sic Parvis Magna' (Greatness from small beginnings) INSPIRES me and fills me with HOPE! (Heehee...can you tell we've been playing Uncharted3 in my house?)
You can see my eyshadow in this one, I did the silver in the corners again, I really like how it just finishes it off with a more polished look. I didn't put eyeliner along the waterline either, just trying to keep it light, almost used white there instead. This necklace was broken for so long, now its fixed but the naughty bugger is facing the wrong way round in this picture.
A necklace my pal made me for xmas a long time ago and some of my badges. The Owl one was a present and got the 'Suburbs' one at Arcade Fire gig at  Edinburgh Castle last year.
Proof, that the collar doesn't go AS WELL with this tee. Okay I'm a little strange. You should see the crazy faces I pull then edit out...infact heres one....

That is a skill that is.

My final thought is that I'm grateful for the life I have but I'm a flawed dreamer, so I've still got so far to go. 
Peace Sisters.

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