Saturday, 30 April 2011

One week till HARLEY US HOLIDAY!

Here is the tour we are taking-

Here is the blog that the boys are making about our holiday so you can follow that if you want too-


happy face!

Friday, 29 April 2011

new bike gear!

Old school Brando style armoured leather jacket £110! From

Kevlar slix 'Draggin jeans' (leather look) £130 from
Grinders Eagle Lo rider biker boots £40, ebay (normally £90!)

Now my favourite boots to wear! They go with everything!
NOW I'm skint! AND I still need to buy summer gloves and a helmet! Probably gonna wait till I get to LA, think it might be cheaper there!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Ombre hair Basic Tutorial and Youtube Link

 I changed my nose stud to a ring yesterday! I feel 15 again!!
Seems like everyone whos anyone is doing it, which normally stops me, but I just love the way OMBRE looks I had to give it a go! So I decided to go ahead since my hair is in good condition AND was going to tell you all how I did it, but after searching for youtube videos of how everyone else does it, discovered that there are quite a few tutorials, all of which are pretty long,boring and off topic...

SO instead of rehashing the same information over and over like everyone else I picked my favourite one which is sweet and to the point! Go girls! (very quick OMBRE Tutorial!)

I basically followed their instructions, I tied my hair in bunches and applied bleach to the ends then again further up a while later, covering them with cling film in between. Its not rocket science, but I wouldn't do it yourself if you are fond of your lovely well conditioned hair, as home bleaching dries it out! Any kind of bleaching does infact, even at the hairdressers.

Pictures of the results below, click read more link....It worked pretty well I think, although I feel like my hair gets much knottier and dryer (as expected) at the ends now. It takes much more conditioner to get it untangled.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Gothy grunge seems to be my safety net!

Black outfit, Nirvana tee AND I frooofed my hair! (oh and furry collar till the sun warms me up!)
Pale face red lips! Classic!
I liked my make up on this day, also have on same long back cardi as always!!!
I got dressed quickly so borrowed Ben's shirt!
Wearing 'that leather jacket' AGAIN! it smells interesting (but I secretly love the smell!)
Alex Garcia for Lowbrow tee!
Buckled navy vintage biker boots!
My little Bro is called Lewis! teehee!
Trusty Black cross necklaces (from...ahem...Primark)

I've been going out on Ben's Harley quite a lot at the moment and been so busy that I'm having no time to think about what I'm goin to wear in the morning! SO...I've been loving the familiarity of some timeless pieces I own, such as my band tee's, black cardi, black jeans, biker boots, leather Jacket, various furry items, dark lips and eyes, my dads & boyfriends old plaid shirts and cross necklaces (from mens section in Primark) have all been rotated and recycled into many outfits in the past few weeks, whack on a hat or top knot for lazy hair days: And I'm set to Go!!!

It's actually too warm to dress in all these layers summery outfits from now on I promise!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I love this outfit so had to share it with you all. XXX

Ta Da!

I'm living in my stinky leather jacket at the mo!!!

Love my £5 Sale Rail 90's waistcoat with embroidery & pearls! its ace! Yippeee...been wearing it to death, think this is the best combo though!

And yes, the sun may be out but its still bit cold, im not lying on the beach with a bikini on like some nutters are this week! I like pale skin (on me anyway) and i'd prefer no skin cancer or early ageing signs thank you very much! hehe.

Oh and this was about 2 weeks ago, when we had a wee sunny-but-cold spell, I've put my furry stoles away now.SOB!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

what I like to do on a sunday...

Treacle and Co, Hove

Kitch Lamps HUH?!

Assorted chitzy crockery!

HEAVENLY goodies!

Devine Pots of tea!

We LOVE to go to Treacle and Co. in Hove and treat ourselves to meringue with fresh fruit & cream with a nice pot of earl grey with rose petals to wash it down! So delish! Heaven in a cafe! Its our little secret indulgence before a tesco food shop high on sugar! Woop woop. xxxx
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