Friday, 30 December 2011

Everything In Burgundy AND Velvet Please (Obviously)

I got my Docs today!!!! Wooooopppp...and my shorts I ordered for myself, oh and a wee last minute xmas present....Check it out. Made my day alright!
Oh you should check out this awesome band (Suicide Party) They gave me this tee when we put them on in Glasgow in 2009
Got these from, for £23 think they sold out right after I ordered them- PHEW! I may change the button to silver? Peachy though eh? I've been after a pair of velvet hot pants for ages, since last year, but they all been too expensive! Happy FRANNIE

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

No More Ombre Hair.

 Haven't dyed my hair in ages,well not since I did the ol' dip dye/ombre thang in spring this yr. So I fancied trying a reddy/purpley colour, to make my hair richer, as I felt the 'ombre' thing was bit grown out and crap looking now. I don't fancy re-bleaching it either, I just cant stand how it makes your hair so brittle! Its just cheap Live colour-I can't afford real hairdressers at the moment, and to be honest that four hours of my life I can't be bothered to waste. So here is the result. Hope you likey. Has anyone else changed thier hair for the NEW YEAR???

Monday, 19 December 2011

Party Dresses! Velvet Addiction....

A Xmas present for YOU...a nice wee xmas or new years outfit idea....slinky sexy touchable VELVET!
Lots more new items in my shop....check them out, selling fast!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Meet my lil sis....

Her name is Jennifer, she is 21 and at Art School in Glasgow. She is currently studying in Budapest for a few months.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Galaxy Leggings - GREEN

Galaxy leggings in RED

Black Velvet Dress & White Frill Socks

Hello Chums. Wee quick outfit post, showing a DIFFERENT corner of my room, oh the HORROR! Its not so pretty or tidy as the one I do the Etsy pics in....But HEY HO.
This is nice black lip gloss I've had for ages but forgot about, it is bit messy tho, I prefer those eye liner pens you know like a felt tip, ALSO I love the colours that my lights create, subtle pastels!

Gypsy Woman

Quick wee post...took these few weeks ago, when I took a bunch of piccys and forgot about them, so thought they shouldn't go to waste, as there is something I quite like about them, maybe cos one of my ex boyfriends when I was 18 used to sing "Gyspy Woman" to me, think its from a Rolling Stones song, although I'm not sure as there are many songs with that lyric....

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Blog 1yr Anniversary and NEW STOCK!!!

Wow, totally didn't realise that yesterday was a year since my first blog post! I can't believe its been a year (bet every body says that eh) but really it feel like I've come a long way. In terms of content, I like to think I'm not just a reblogger, and the girls who just reblog other peoples images (think TUMBLR) I don't think they can honestly call themselves a 'Blogger'. I think you at least need 'Original Content', or some sort of opinion about what is out there. There is nothing wrong with inspiration posts, I love them! The blogs I love the most are the ones that are almost all original images/creations by the blogger. True inspiration. Not rehashed or copied. You know what I'm talking about ladies! Stay Original! Don't be scared to show the best of you not a second rate copy or someone else! Now for some BADASS STOCK!!!!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

mtv generation

Gypsy Wedding Dress

 This is another item from the box.....a stunning tiny waisted (...breathe in!) SILK embroidered dress! I nearly fainted...its breath taking...and so nice on....I want to find a reason to wear it!!!!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Little Red Riding Hood....

This was one of the things in my box of surprises from Alison! Don't really know what it is, so I will wear it like this! Could it be a childs cape/poncho?

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Frida Kahlo Inspired Outfit

Box of surprises!

Look at these lovely bits and bobs that arrived in a box today! I was having a bit of a bad day for several reasons including having a swollen tongue from biting it (then crying!) last night. Then I open a box from my school friend with this amazing array of vintage ethnic costume bits from her attic. I love that they smell like attic. One of my favourite smells!  I went to school with Alison Rushbrook still lives in Poolewe where I grew up. Check out her lovely handmade jewellery by clicking this link....BUTTON BOTHY!!!!
I love these clips she makes!
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