Thursday, 22 December 2011

All things badass and beautiful....(and new)

Eye necklace worn as head piece (on my new fringe!!!)

Vintage Star Trek Tee, new Eye Ring and Necklace with EPIC Green LIPS!!! 

I'm making letter jewellery....more to come! (In mix bag I didn't get any B's or very many E' annoying!)

Dirty mirror and scary face

My new FRINGE!!!! I cut it myself I'll have you know.

practice words....

Trying out my head gear with new fringe

Foot on dressing table to show you my.....New ankle Tatttooooo!!!!!!

Its so freaking pretty (and well done) I want to scream....Thanks a MILLION Woody @ Into You Tattoo, Brighton

Up close you can see my skin starting to heal...Bepanthen time!

Here is a wee vid my boyfriend took of me while I was getting tattooood. Most fun I've had getting tattoo'd ever. Woody is a fun person to be tattoo'd by! Laughed the whole way through. Forgive my embarassing accent and facial expressions. xxxxx

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