Tuesday, 27 December 2011

No More Ombre Hair.

 Haven't dyed my hair in ages,well not since I did the ol' dip dye/ombre thang in spring this yr. So I fancied trying a reddy/purpley colour, to make my hair richer, as I felt the 'ombre' thing was bit grown out and crap looking now. I don't fancy re-bleaching it either, I just cant stand how it makes your hair so brittle! Its just cheap Live colour-I can't afford real hairdressers at the moment, and to be honest that four hours of my life I can't be bothered to waste. So here is the result. Hope you likey. Has anyone else changed thier hair for the NEW YEAR???

Gizza kiss

YUMmmmmm CHAaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! at China China in Brighton. Try it you might just love it.

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