Monday, 31 January 2011

my favourite trends in one shoe...A wedge, lace up, ankle boot!

Could only get small pictures of these boots from, but I love them!!! They are £59, saving £61 and are leather by Marta Jonsson, made in Portugal. Want! Please? someone? anyone? I'm a six.cheers!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

H&M Online Shop and DISCOUNT CODE HERE!!!

So FINALLY H&M Open an Online Shop!!! (and they have a Catalogue too!)
BUT...where was I when this happened? No-one told me! I was ALWAYS complaining about the lack of an online shop, due to my disliking of high street shops with their crowds and mess and ques!

 I don't think its the most attractive site I've ever seen; it does look a little cheap and quite limited on products.
However, it is easy to use and with those H&M affordable prices who can complain?
(although it may have a few glitches, as products I've been looking at have disappeared later on when I checked again-sob!) 
If you get the catalogue first you can visualise the items more easily in nice summery photo shoots before looking online to purchase.

I've picked out what I'm tipping as good buys for this summer coming, and a few basics that I personally need to restock my wardrobe with!
Everyone needs a Body Con dress, and this one has great crossover  between the 90's revival we are all raving on about and the perfect basic summer dress everyone should have, at £24.99. Think city lunches with your gal pals, nice tan sandals or ankle boots (for those who hate feet like me) and a little slouchy blazer to complete the look. Add a vintage belt for individuality!

Anything NUDE is still an investment for its pared down simplicity and easy of co-ordination, worn with black sexy trouser suit  for work or brown high-waisted shorts and a denim jacket this top has smart to casual appeal!
At £14.99 I think I'm going to get this one.

I've recently rediscovered the Beatles and think this image is definately an iconic one whether you are a fan of the music or not! For £9.99..ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE...and your summer is sorted.

This vest is a great little item if you want to appear bang on trend with out spending designer prices.Everyone is LOVING digital prints and geometric, mirrored looking patterns so this one, with its great nudey beige colour simplicity will update all your summer linen trousers, denims pieces and city shorts in one easy purchase!And ONLY £4.99!
This print ALSO comes in short sleeved dress and jumpsuit, if you REALLY love it!

I don't know what is it about the good old elbow patch but im not willing to say goodbye yet! At Only £14.99 the nautical look never seems to go out of style and cropped just adds to that shrunken vintage grungy look!

Here it is in camel for all of you, like me, who just love this caramelicious colour!
£14.99 with faux suede elbow patches.
This basic racer back maxi dress for £12.99 comes in Beige, Black, Dark Blue, Bright Pink, and Grey!

As I mentioned above the digital print seems to be hitting every shop in every highstreet and with the infinite possibitities you can see why...I like this one as its simple enough to be worn as a statement dress with killer heels, but also worn with leggings, boots and a denim jacket could easily be a great weekend outfit too.Think it might of sold out already as I cant find it on the site anymore...GRRR! Also can't find a black tail coat that was in the sale too..
Tassles?...check, Cropped?...check ...Black?..check !!! Price? £17.49
This one is only £5.99!!!all sizes still available

£7.99...I don't know why I like this but I suspect its because its GREY and a bit slouchy (good for bloated days) and has nice bling on it making you look like you are more dressed up than you feel?!

 To get 10% off the entire range just enter this DISCOUNT CODE - 8931 
(when ordering from the catalogue or online before 23.01.2011)
OH and-let me know if it doesn't work, as I tried to use it and I couldn't find where to enter the discount code, but I could just be missing something!!! DOH...

Thursday, 13 January 2011

My gorgeous friend Katerina Lambrou's collection...simply stunning!

I met KATERINA LAMBROU, when we both worked at AllSaints in Glasgow in 2006, and I knew she had something a bit different, looks like she has proved me right! Her new collection is putting a spring into my step with these fresh, flirtatious, girly designs! They make me miss her fabulous smile and sunny demeaner even in winter. What a girl...and the model looks a bit like her too! Bless.

The colours and watery patterns on this outfit make me happy, the sleeves too! And I'm not even a fan of pink!!!!

love the subtle triangles on the lower part of the dress!

Love the socks!!!

This is the outfit that reminds me of Kat the most!
Did I mention she's a stunner?...Looks and Talent, this girl has it all!!! Can't wait to see what she does next! Keep your eyes peeled!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Buying now for summer- Vintage Ebay Bargains!!!

Not only did I get both of these for $41(including postage which they combined, so about £26! WOW!) BUT...the model is gorgeous AND they are very pleasant to correspond with. WIN, win, win. So check out their ebay shop and bag yourself a bargain whilst they still have any stock left!! Can't wait for them to arrive!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hello Sunshine! Hello Carl!

Today my lovely man washed our ferret Carl...look at him, the cutest face ever!

We call him...Weasel face, Stinky face and Sir Carl of Pinkerton ( I made up that one!)

Mystical Mr.Carl, the Magical CARLITO! He's 7yrs old!
Then we went to the Seafront to enjoy the first sunny day of the year! A little bit of sun and colour does a world of good!

I'm feeling highland homesick...

I found this lovely site that has great photographs of lovely traditional inspired products, which have made me pretty homesick for the beautiful highlands, fortunately I'm flying up north to visit the family next week, after spending christmas away from family for the first time last year!

how great would these be for weddings or new year celebrations?

This picture makes me so happy!

What a great setting for the products!

Tartan milk jug and heather heaven!
Every one needs a Tartan scarf!


Thats one hairy sporran!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

TOPSHOP and my moral struggle.

I'm not actually a fan of Topshop as I worked for them when I was 19 and left feeling like they were a bit mean to their employee's treating us like numbers not people, but recently I've found myself wandering into their store to have a look and have found some great things I kinda want to buy. HOWEVER I haven't quite taken the plunge yet, as I worry about my hard earned cash lining Philip Green's tax avoiding pockets but hey, they still have a great design team, who obviously know what they are doing, I can't dispute that! Here is what I WOULD buy if my concience would let me....

What DO YOU THINK about the whole thing? I have my personal reasons and I don't blame anyone for not knowing or caring about the issue, so it would be great to hear what you think about it all, read the guardian article I've linked here if you want to know more about the protests...But god I'd like to buy something from Topshop guilt free please!?!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

If I had this, it would be....Loved to Death!

I love taxidermy and this Etsy shop has some amazing jewelry

I want this one the most! Its about £80, but I love this cos its so delicate, tiny and creepy! All animals used died naturally! 

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