Monday, 3 January 2011

My Winter Sale Bargains!

Navy suede River Island £25

River Island £7

Tesco...ONLY £15...I know..this one is the absolute best bargain!and fits like a glove!

Both Miss Selfridge worn with suede heels above, white tights, and messy beehive.
There was lots of things I almost bought whilst tipsy on boxing day but my sensible head told me to put the credit card down, but on recieving all of my goods in the post and being really pleased with all of them, I wish I'd bought a few more on my wishlist before they sold out, which they did by mid week last week!

Oh well I'm happy anyway, and I need to sell off a lot of older clothes I don't wear or don't fit me very well to make space for all my lovely winter purchases, which there have been MANY!!! Naughty but

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