Monday, 2 May 2011

Hello?...hello? hello?.....oh god...

Is there anyone there?

Sometimes I think I might be going crazy!
I'm begining to wonder is there is anyone out there? Am I just talking to myself?

I asked this apple. He didn't know.

I frequently wonder...Does anyone even read my blog?

my pondering face (oh lookey I have my Xray spex tee on- RIP Poly Styrene!)
So I guess that until people decide to FOLLOW me (Um so yeah I only have 6 followers One of whom is my boyfriend and one my good pal Jess!) I will probably never know.

There she is, Jess, my PRETTY!xx
I do get comments sometimes too which I love and always follow the person commenting, but they never seem to do the same back?! Maybe I'm going wrong somewhere?
I'll get cross at you! Tell me!
So until I get more solid proof that anyone listens to me anyway I'm going to just post the craziest nonsense that comes out of my head.


BYE. Ya buggers. Ps. follow me? maybe? oh well. Thanks for

I'm gonna be watching you! (secret 'stats' addict alert!)

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