Wednesday, 14 March 2012

BADASS Rockin' Black Haight Ashbury T-shirt


Intense face.
I bought this tee in San Fransisco May 2011. As we were travelling on Harleys, clothes shopping wasn't  easy to do (with so little space for clothes on the bike) but I had to buy it cos its so freaking badass! I love the skull, the triangle, the font, the wings and its became one of my favourite tees to wear! ALSO I made my hair bigger for extra rockin' roll.

It is THAT badass I've just made a whole post about it to show you...(plus me pulling intense faces!)

Oh and I've got on yeah those big "ALIEN" sunglasses again, which I now wish were GREEN!! Why? A man muttered 'Alien' to me as I passed him wearing these! How inspired! He might of been trying to insult me, BUT I'm going to take it as a compliment that I know my trends and have interesting style! Thats not the first time that particular guy as made comments about my clothes, he's a fruity Brighton acid-casualty. He stopped me to ask what nebula was on my Black Milk Galaxies once too!

Just like when the neds (a 'Ned' is like a 'Chav') who shouted 'Clown' at me when I was bow-headed and multi-coloured in Glasgow or all the passing comments - 'Punk' or 'Goff' (meaning goth) or 'Mosher' or 'Hippy' or 'Bumble Bee' at me many years ago...You can see where I'm going with this one. If its attention, I've served my purpose. What would be the point of getting dressed/style/fashion if you got no attention?! I'd wither and die.

Also welcome new followers! I love each and every one of you. You all inspire me! AND if you comment, I'll pee my pants in happiness, also I have bad bladder control now I'm old.


  1. Cool t-shirt!!
    I've always love how creative people could be insulting me passing by!
    They make me soo happy and inspired, so glad that you share my feelings!


  2. cute pictures (:


    1. Thank you!mi appreciate ever comment! Xxxxx


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