Saturday, 26 February 2011

My Tattoos, Grey Obsession and Dark Lips secret!

MY fox TAT...I got this Tattoo with my first paycheck after moving to Brighton to remind me to be BOLD and FEARLESS in life and to remind me of my great friend Silvi Fox. She creates jewellery under the name 'Trashville'. She gave me confidence when I most needed it, supported me in my ideas and reminded me that being different and unique is a good thing and a strength. She is possibly one of the most inspiring people I've ever met and MAD AS A HATTER, in the best way! (Miss working with you Silvi!)
Grey FRIDAY outfit plus Spaceship necklace I got from Ben for xmas!
I'm obsessed with GREY!!! Grey Snood,cardi & 'Sparkle Bum' (as my collegue Fi was calling me!) sequin skirt plus sneaky glimpse of my thigh tatto, I think it look sgood from this angle!
Little glimpse of my grungy grey mohair beret and dark lips. Here I used black kohl liner first on lips then dark red lipstick. I'm loving the dark lips at the moment but its not fun if your lips are dry! I had to use JOJOBA oil on them because they got that bad! I hate winter now. I'm done with the layering up, and the constant hat and scarf inside!
Join me on the dark side.....(notice the piercing I have recently taken out...only 3 left now!)
USE Extreme 24hr felt tip (EYE)liner in Purple on your LIPS...its stays put all day, doesn't get on your teeth and you can add lip gloss to make shiney or just keep them matte looking!!! Fooking great! At long last a dark colour that withstands a kiss or two!

Fancy Weasel

had to share this fabulous ferret picture with you...its not our Carl, but if he WAS fancy I bet he'd dress like this...sometimes we imagine he has a secret life when we are not home and dresses up in waistcoats and smokes a pipe whilst reading the paper...I still think its posssible.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Grunge me up baby...

I found this picture online and I LOVE IT!!! reminds me of being a teenager so much, Nirvana were the band that made me care about music, I remember the first time I heard them so clearly and how it made me feel-like part of something. Being a teenager in the 90's was cool, and Nirvana were our soundtrack. Kurt Cobain's death hit my school so hard at the time it happened...I remember all the older girls crying and hugging. Wierd!

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I want...

my hair this colour

My Sexy Valentine....Outfit

Quite possibly the nicest Valentines I've ever had AND my 6 month anniversary with my lovely boyfriend Ben!
a little bit sheer and naughty!
Sheer nude shirt- New Look,
Suede popper a-line skirt -vinatge from 70's
enjoying a drinks between courses at Indian Summer.
esspresso mouse with ammaretto crumb
Mango brulee- Our puds were so pretty!
Ben knows what I like!
my new sheepskin coat kept me cosy!
Handsome much!
I pointed out this cookie to Ben and was like HINT HINT...hahaaaaaaaa
We also went out for a fancy lunch on saturday (I had my fav EGGS BENEDICT!)
Ben bought me a Ukelele, and a cute pop up cuckoo clock card (because I like to say 'cloud cuckoo land' and he thinks its funny)
the weasel gave me some loving too!

My gorgeous Tabbaco starburst Uke!
my card from ben
Bens new jumper I got him for Valentines!
I feel so lucky it makes me want to cry!

How was everyone elses Valentine?

P.s I'm not gloating, I literally have NEVER had a nice Valentines in my whole life so I think I'm allowed to be a bit chuffed!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Sorry that I haven't posted anything properly in a while, I've been quite busy with January organising and visiting my family in the highlands and sorting out a whole lot of stuff to sell, re-use and give to charity, so I've not had a lot of time to here is a few pictures that I've taken whilst I was up north and the things I brought back down to Brighton with me!
This is all there was left of the xmas food mum had left...all the good ones had gone! but the colours are pretty!!!
My little bother is so funny...this is how he carries his lunch to his room! I miss him all the way up there in the highlands, he's grown up to be such a cool wee guy! He's wearing the tee I bought him for xmas too!
Poor old Joey the dog hasn't been very well, and I think she looks like a crazy old man with that distant worried look in her eye and the fuzzy hair. I spent quite a lot of time looking after her and taking her to the vet whilst I was up north. Not fun, but she was so sweet, god I love that dog. She loves having her hair blow dried! Hehe.
Mum's cat pretty, but pretty annoying when it tries to get into your bedroom at 4am, then once you let him in, decides that he doesn't want to stay and wants let back out again! But not as annoying as Dad turing the TV up too loud at 6.30am god damnit!

My nephew Dylan, who seems to jibber to himself constantly these days is really hyper and difficult to control, unless he's strapped down. phew... heehee.

My wee bro driving me to the vet to collect Joey! Can't believe he can drive now, makes me think if he can, I can at least start learning too?!! He's so great with helping out the family, I'm really proud of him, especially as I can remember how annoying he was getting him sticky jammie hands on my school uniform! He had such red rosey cheeks and blond hair when he was little, look at him now...side burns! When he was down visiting last summer I took him to get tattoo'd by my tattoo artist, teeheee!
Aultbea, where my family live now :( I'm not a fan.This is the only pic I took which doesn't make it look crappy.

Journey to the vet, wild skies, a break in the rain is welcome!

There are some lovely views that still make me happy everytime I see them.

silly face

still frozen over loch

snowy mounds

A Dam.The water level was low, Stress Levels, high.
I didn't take many pictures as I normally do as I was actually quite upset and distracted, what with the dog and my general anxiety levels!

The visit was mainly to spend some time with the folks and visit my grandparents, due to me having to work over xmas, but also to clear out space in mum's spare room of over 15 years of stuff (mainly clothes!) which has been there since I moved out of my flat in Glasgow in october 2009!

My best furniture was shared out through my family, anything extra stored in the big shed in Poolewe. Its so stressful as most things I want to keep but have no way of getting to Brighton! Its a very stange feeling having to justify why you own your belongings, that you have collected over the years.

Every item I clearly remember where I bought, found or borrowed from(even what stylistic phase I was going through).The memories attached, happy or not, means that parting with anything is traumatic (and also surprisingly theraputic) as I have always used material things to help me recall times long forgotten as I have such a bad memory!

However, the racking through my folks house unearthed some hidden jems including;
The hat and scarf I'm wearing in the above picture (it's like me in 2004!)
My Dad's brown green and navy plaid shirt that I wore all last winter, that is too small for him thank goodness, so he said I could keep! 
A great leather quilted (Chanel style) handbag which my brother helped me fix! TA louie!!
My Mum's green wool hat (hehe, I just stole that one from the back porch winter clothes pile!)
A scarf we bought mum as a present in the mid 90's which she no longer wears that I quickly put a claim on!
my nanna's paisley scarf, (thanks nanna, RIP)
My mums sunglasses from the 90's (ok...I did just steal a few things from her, but I did ask for these! She seems baffled why I want "all this old crap") Can;t wait till its sunny enough to wear them!
And the ultimate find was the floppy boho burgundy hat a bought to wear as a pirate hat (with one side pinned up with feather) which just needs a bit of steaming and will be great for summer! wooohooo...just what I've been looking for.

Dad also bought me the patterned scarf and gold belt I had on my tesco wishlist post ages ago, pictured above.I like late xmas presents!
only £3 from tesco-BARGAIN much!
Two items I've rediscovered are my Mums velvet chocker with a heart pendant my nanna gave me when I was little and the cross necklace my folks bought me for my birthday many moons ago!Think you can only see the back of it here though.

Oh and this grey mohair cardi was only £5 from my work!!!

I also treated myself to this gorgeous purple crushed velvet 70's coat from my work too...

 and this brown Coach bag from ebay (with small orange spotty Oscar de la Renta scarf attatched that I bought for a pound!)

I got a new watch as my fone is broken and thats how I've been telling the time for years so haven't got one, and this ring I found in a box of crap cheap rings amongst my old stuff! Think it was my mum or dads at some point in the past?

I need clear out space in my flat in Brighton now, to make space for all this stuff! Geez it's never ending!

What do you think of my finds/buys? xxxx
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