Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Grunge me up baby...

I found this picture online and I LOVE IT!!!...it reminds me of being a teenager so much, Nirvana were the band that made me care about music, I remember the first time I heard them so clearly and how it made me feel-like part of something. Being a teenager in the 90's was cool, and Nirvana were our soundtrack. Kurt Cobain's death hit my school so hard at the time it happened...I remember all the older girls crying and hugging. Wierd!

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So in homage to this picture and that memory, I wore my Tartan kilt and scarf together to create this modern grunge outfit! Its a bit rock and punk, but with grunge it doesn't matter, the thrown together look is what its all about! I wore it with my trusty leather jacket which is falling apart, and my CBGB's vest and grey allsaints cardi, vintage 80's/90's? belt and my new doc boots! Most of my outfits at the moment are a mixure of the things I love and an attempt to stay warm in work!!!

Yes, Its stereotypical being Scottish and loving Tartan, but I cant help it...I DO! I'd love to see MORE TARTAN in the shops, catwalks and blogs!!!! Or at least Plaid. Dresses, skirts, capes, ANYTHING!
Here is a photo of the tartan blazers we have in work, most are by Pendelton.

Tartan scarves...I have many myself, here are the ones we had in work.
HMMMM..It makes me happy. How bout you? What have you got that is tartan? What does it make you think of?

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