Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My Sexy Valentine....Outfit

Quite possibly the nicest Valentines I've ever had AND my 6 month anniversary with my lovely boyfriend Ben!
a little bit sheer and naughty!
Sheer nude shirt- New Look,
Suede popper a-line skirt -vinatge from 70's
enjoying a drinks between courses at Indian Summer.
esspresso mouse with ammaretto crumb
Mango brulee- Our puds were so pretty!
Ben knows what I like!
my new sheepskin coat kept me cosy!
Handsome much!
I pointed out this cookie to Ben and was like HINT HINT...hahaaaaaaaa
We also went out for a fancy lunch on saturday (I had my fav EGGS BENEDICT!)
Ben bought me a Ukelele, and a cute pop up cuckoo clock card (because I like to say 'cloud cuckoo land' and he thinks its funny)
the weasel gave me some loving too!

My gorgeous Tabbaco starburst Uke!
my card from ben
Bens new jumper I got him for Valentines!
I feel so lucky it makes me want to cry!

How was everyone elses Valentine?

P.s I'm not gloating, I literally have NEVER had a nice Valentines in my whole life so I think I'm allowed to be a bit chuffed!

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