Sunday, 26 February 2012

Belated valentines dinner Outfit Plus BIG NEWS!

Doin a wee pose, being fancy.

Losing my composure!

Ben really dislikes having his photo taken/taking photos so its a challenge to get him in any, or to take them even!

Sheepskin Overload! Hat -charity shop, Collar -Free P Star Vintage in Paris.

Necklace- Black Sanctury, Sheer Spotty Shirt- charity shop, Wool Swing Coat- Tesco sale a few years ago (I know right!)
Velvet shorts -Missguided
Belt- a gift from a customer, I think of it as my 'Gemma from Sons of Anarchy' Belt as she has a similar one in that show.

(I don't have a penis--I had a heat pack in there for lady time cramps! Too much info? Sorry!)

rings gifts from loved ones.

We finally had time to go out for a Valentines meal as both of us were busy working, so we got dressed up (for once!) went out to one of our favourite semi-fancy resterants Indian Summer, it was lovely as always! They treat you with delish aperitifs and in-between course surprises. Very romantic! That was our second valentines together, on the day I treated Ben to a whole day of pampering and a hand made card which he loved...
the front
inside featuring passport photo of my head exploding
NO stealing my card idea...haaa haa, kiddin!

(This is actually the second time I've written this post as it mysteriously disappeared, so I'm struggling to remember what I said the first time round! ugh! It went something like this I think...)

I've been really busy packing and getting ready for our move to Sydney- Yes! We are moving to Sydney in a month or two!! Crazy huh?! I'm so excited!

Ben, who is originally from Sydney, has been offered a job working in a Games Studio (that is computer games btw- He's a Creative Director & Games Developer!) so its a bit of a homecoming for him after moving to Brighton about 6 years ago. Its been a bit of a roller coaster of emotions since he told me that there was a very high chance it was happening, and now it's been confirmed we can go ahead and start planning the move. Scary stuff.

I've started to tell my loved ones about leaving and was a little surprised at the mixed reactions and general disbelief that I'll be so far away. I've already had to cope with moving away from Glasgow (where I lived for 10 years) and all my friends two years ago, as well as when I left my family to move to Glasgow all those years ago. So I know about starting from scratch, and having to make new friends all over again. (When I got to Brighton I just had a bag and had no job or place to stay, so at least it should be easier than that!) I'm just glad we have Skype now, but its not like I can just hop on a plane for an hour and be with family/friends any time I want. Also I'm worried none of my loved ones will be able to afford the hefty price tag on the tickets to come visit!

But I'm seeing this as an awesome opportunity which I would never of had, if I hadn't met Ben! So I feel very lucky, and it will be the first time I've met any of Ben's family which I'm really looking forward to. His sister Cinnamon is due to have a baby in May. Woop! So I will be an aunty of sorts!

Have any of you had to relocate far away from home? How did you cope?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New Beat.....(Sneak Peek On Valentines)

Hey hey promised, a wee looksee at the newest pieces soon to be arriving in my shop. I'm too excited about them, so even though its Valentines and I'm a little tipsy from the champagne...I needed to share....Cos I  LOVE YE and I want you to have first dibs! Comments appreciated!
Managed to get me another 'The Craft' coat!!

Original PVC Tammy Girls Coat from 90's

Real Suede 80's Fringed Jacket
Sheer stretchy blouse from 90's

Amazing full length sheepskin coat from 70's

70's Purple Spanish Suede Coat

Tammy Girl 90's Faux fur coat
Velveteen Oversized Maroon Goth Unisex Shirt

Amazingly Soft jacket from 70's Turkey
Red Rose Crop top from 90's 
Devore Sheer Velvet top
Ruffle Bell Sleeved 90's Sheer Devore Top

90's St Micheal Tie Dye Velour Turtle Neck Tee

60's Style Velvet Tunic Top

90's Dorothy Perkins Sheer Floral Oversized Blouse

Insane Unbranded 90's Crinkle Seafoam Top

More to follow, didn't want to overwhelm you! Also isn't it nice to see that I've done my hair and make up...FINALLY. Sorry about that I'm trying to drag myself out of the BLACK HOLE I've been in, only hiccup today was half an hour of self rage mood swing when I spilled juice on the carpet, then when trying to clean it up, accidentally rubbed lip liner pencil shavings into it and made it worse. Time to get the carpet cleaned me thinks.

Think I did an okay job at hiding my bloated-ness (like seriously I'm like a waterballon!) and generally flabbyness I've developed since my tender(hormonally growing)boobies make it no fun to run. ARGH. It sucks having tits.Too much information? Ah well. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Fingers crossed for next week, that my rage, hopelessness and self doubt have gone. I gotta work (not fun work) Poo!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Feeling BLAHHHH blah blah...BLEUGH!

Just having a sudden end of week rush of activity after a week of feeling mentally and physically crappy. Last weekend was all Ebay hassles (people can be really shifty and annoying!) which started my week off generally lacking in motivation to even get dressed.I've just mainly been faffing about looking and feeling shite and doing Ebay listing 'blahness'. Have already sold my JC Litas (total BALL-ACHE!) Patent Docs and a bunch of Allsaints stuff (I used to be a concession manager so I had loads on discount). I'll include link for those of you that want to see what I've got up and grab a bargain! (Click this LINK then to see the rest you can just click 'see other items' oh and don't forget to 'save this seller' too so you get first dibs on new items listed!)

I've not been in the mood to even put on make up as you will tell from the pictures below. My expressions are very telling of how I've felt this week. Basically I've started a new pill Yasmin after having problems with other forms of contraception (don't even talk to me about the Coil!). I've decided to give the pill another chance, but as a result I've been a bit depressive and all over the place, as my hormones adjust. Manic you might say. Ben has been great, as always, but I certainly wouldn't of wanted to spend the last week with me. I'm hoping and praying that it settles down. For his sake as much as mine.

On the up side I've been selling shit all over the place man! On Etsy I've even had a sale to one of the SISTERS OF THE BLACK MOON! Yes the truly inspirational SOTBM!!! Sara is buying these bad boys which I literally freaked out when I found then nearly cried that they are one size too small, she is so lucky with her wee feets! Can't wait to send them to her, hopefully we might even see them used in an editorial! I will die happy to see that! Aren't they sexual though? So perfect. Damn my big toes. She seems lovely though- actually I might ask for a wee sneaky interview or ask her to send me an exclusive picture of her wearing them for my blog, so you guys believe me!

I've just got in from buying up some awesome new stock for me Etsy shop, expect more VELVET, florals, sheers, and 'The Craft' 90's coats. So no surprises there! Oh that is a lie - sequins are a surprise! Here is a tiny teaser...

Also I treated myself to two oversized band tees (which I've worn but not taken pics of yet!) and a pair of heeled Cat boots from Ebay, shown in pictures below. These pictures are the ugly truth, nay make up, clothes thrown on, last two coats are teasers that I'm selling. The £3.50 smiley stripe tee is so bad its good (I think?!) I actually HATE diamontes but the combo of black and yellow and smiley face just works in a shitey 90's way. What do you think? I got the hat for 99p. Bargain muchness.Cardi was £4.50, boots £12.50, and are AMAZING so nay sayin anything else!

Sparkle belly & Booties!
Canny stand my face.
don't forget to get MILK AND BUTTER...thanks to my hand list I DID remember!
Girl Lost in this World.
Clean your mirror ya shitey face. You can really see the full glory of the tee here.
wearing my hat true E17 style! YEAH.
SO messy!!!
I'm a Big Black Hairy BEAR, in hibernation.
Thats not to you guys, its to anyone who pissed me off this week.
And thats to my ex boyfriends, one of which friend requested me on facebook, then retracted it?!
Generally DOOM-ness
BUT this coat cheered me up though! Amazing 70's St Micheal perfect condition, fits like a glove!
(Soz bout the shiney face, nay make up face, nothing but tiny bit of eyeliner!) 
I may sell it, not sure tho, might have to sell one of my coats instead and keep it. PEACH HUH?!
MOOD swing
My view of the world this week- from my bed in my jammies, feeling sorry for silly self. 

Oh and here is a song I've listened to constantly for the last few weeks, reminds me of Glasgow in the early 2000's, my Bf Aldo introduced me to them. Its by another one of my fav bands SLINT, from '89, I think. Ace.

Peace to my sistas! xxx
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