Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New Beat.....(Sneak Peek On Valentines)

Hey hey LOVERS....as promised, a wee looksee at the newest pieces soon to be arriving in my shop. I'm too excited about them, so even though its Valentines and I'm a little tipsy from the champagne...I needed to share....Cos I  LOVE YE and I want you to have first dibs! Comments appreciated!
Managed to get me another 'The Craft' coat!!

Original PVC Tammy Girls Coat from 90's

Real Suede 80's Fringed Jacket
Sheer stretchy blouse from 90's

Amazing full length sheepskin coat from 70's

70's Purple Spanish Suede Coat

Tammy Girl 90's Faux fur coat
Velveteen Oversized Maroon Goth Unisex Shirt

Amazingly Soft jacket from 70's Turkey
Red Rose Crop top from 90's 
Devore Sheer Velvet top
Ruffle Bell Sleeved 90's Sheer Devore Top

90's St Micheal Tie Dye Velour Turtle Neck Tee

60's Style Velvet Tunic Top

90's Dorothy Perkins Sheer Floral Oversized Blouse

Insane Unbranded 90's Crinkle Seafoam Top

More to follow, didn't want to overwhelm you! Also isn't it nice to see that I've done my hair and make up...FINALLY. Sorry about that I'm trying to drag myself out of the BLACK HOLE I've been in, only hiccup today was half an hour of self rage mood swing when I spilled juice on the carpet, then when trying to clean it up, accidentally rubbed lip liner pencil shavings into it and made it worse. Time to get the carpet cleaned me thinks.

Think I did an okay job at hiding my bloated-ness (like seriously I'm like a waterballon!) and generally flabbyness I've developed since my tender(hormonally growing)boobies make it no fun to run. ARGH. It sucks having tits.Too much information? Ah well. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Fingers crossed for next week, that my rage, hopelessness and self doubt have gone. I gotta work (not fun work) Poo!

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