Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Current Projects- Studded Berets plus NEWS!

Just finished the STUDDED BERETS!!!! Sneak peek-

And this bad boy which is not quite finished. Think I'm gonna be tempted to keep him!!!!
Sleeveless Levi's denim jacket with yes...GEMS!!!!

I'm expecting more gems in the post, so who knows what will end up BEJEWLED! They are kinda annoyingly boring to sew on, wish they were stick on/ iron on like some of the appliques you get. Ho hum should stop moaning an finish sewing them on!

Next Project...dying sheepskin! Wish me luck I think its gonna be a bitch from what I've read online....any tips? I'm gonna start with food colouring them move to kool aid! Then maybe the more expensive wool dye if they don't work! I'm determined to get an aqua turquoise mermaidy colour out of it!  

Oh yeah-Think I'm gonna be collaborating with my good friend and artist Jess Little (click her name for info) to make an exclusive limited line of hand painted tees IF we can both find the time in our busy lives! Watch this space!

Also think I'm going to Norway to visit my artist friend Nina Nordbo this month...Woop! The one good thing about not having a full time job at the moment is all this time to be creative and visit my pals ( I have many other dotted about that I'm gonna try visit next year!) So will hopefully get to fill my lungs with clean Norwegian air and see the beautiful countryside, so excited that I've already half packed my bag even though I haven't booked it yet! Typical Fran!


  1. woohoo! studded berets! What a great idea!


  2. Yessss a fellow Fran! That studded beret is gorgeous, i love it, Hope your cold got better!



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