Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fuzzy Hairy Shaggy Fluffy Poo Poo POPS

So I bought two fuzzy things and went home and put both of them on....What of it?

Hat- Charity £2
Jumper Ebay £12
Floral Leggings (new look) charity £2

Thats all. Oh. No its not - I got this awesome virginal/catholic white frill collar shirt from a charity shop was £6, expect an awesome post with that item soon! Was thinking about wearing it to my Great Aunts funeral tomorrow then realised my extended family probably won't get it and think I've gone loopy and religious! The virginal look won't wash with them anyway, they've all seen my PVC leggings and Shiny hot pants!


  1. And they look so perfect together! ;) I love the shoulder holes (or whatever their proper name is). Awesome. :)

  2. That hat is wicked!! Pretty lady! : )

  3. ladies you are too kind! just added pics of the blouse i mentioned..hope you likey! xx


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