Thursday, 10 November 2011

nice day for a funeral

Went to see off my Great Aunty Joan Amelia Baker (1928-2011) today, was a lovely service and was actually really nice to meet a lot of my relatives who live in England who live/came down to east Sussex, where I live, for the Funeral. She was the youngest of three sisters one of whom was my Nan (Joyce) who passed a way 2 years ago next month (miss you Nan). My Dads family are actually all pretty nice, its a shame that we didn't know each other a lot better, but it fortunate that events like this bring families together, in a around about way. My Dad even liked my 'Cruella Deville' HAT! Was expecting him to take the piss!
 The black Chiffon top is a size 16 tunic top, from a charity shop, I love the simple shape and way it hangs! So cheap yet soooo CHIC!
Shoes- Another charity shop buy... witchy, 60's and gothy! LOVE!
Hat by 'Serious' 90's I'm guessing...Russian Cyber Goth I call it!
Love the colours, I couldn't resist putting up these pictures...      

Haaa Opps...Went all WARHOL on these pictures, there was something very 60's about my outfit and I think the shapes in the photo (especially the fone and the poster) lend well to that psychedelic colours! You must watch- I Shot Andy Warhol and Factory Girl, to get a real feel for his work and life. But nowadays you can go from black to multicoloured in one click! I guess I've always like that 60's Pscyhe Era and I think its when fashion for women became most interesting to me, The androdgny and the modernist shapes I particularly love, also the mini skirt! So what do you think? XXX

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