Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lil shoot today - Sneaky peeks!

Amazing Chunky Cardigan for sale this week in my etsy shopee!
me love my beanie grunge look!
Can you tell I love this Multi Coloured Cardigan?!
Customised sheer black shirt with tiny gold crosses
sleeveless oversized 80's shirt
Stunning silk grey pleated skirt
Burgundy Velvet blazer
Peacock shawl
90's sequin capelet
hand customised 'the cave' tee
Tartan Wool trousers
Newly made
Brilliantly Studded
Tremendous Berets!
Is she excited about them? Indeed!
I have three berets for sale! Hold the fones!
Yeah and I'm selling these lil badboys!


  1. I would wear all of this. All at the same time. Seriously love the studded beret. And the doc martens. And the peacock shawl. And the rest of the clothes. Beautiful...


  2. I`m following you now. Promise not to stalk, even though I`m tempeted. You`re so cool.


  3. Awesome pieces! Such a perfect combo of Bohemian and rock n' roll. Love it! ;)

  4. OH MY GOSH. Completely overloaded with inspiration. I don't even know how to describe how awesome this post is.

  5. I think I am in love with you a little.

  6. Your comments fill me with love and the desire to please you all.Your wishes are my command.XXXXX


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