Friday, 30 September 2011

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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Caught in the Act...

Of posing...

"Oh HI Ben!"..."Wat ye doin Frannie?" Oh god...6 more pictures...
He's not goin I'm smirking, caught mid pose, distracted now!
Bit of a cheeser, aware that I'm posing in front of him
Oi- no teasing! he's being cheeky now!
but he makes me laugh...
Thats why I love him!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bare Midriffs and Giant Bindis

Its the 90's again and I'm 13 years old wearing my crop top, Docs and listening to Nirvana-Wait I still do that and I'm 30! My mum would tell me I'm too old for a crop top and short shorts, but sorry Mum I love you but I'm probably always gonna dress the way I want. Inside I'm probably still that teenager trying to rebel! And I still turn heads like a used to (though its probably for different reasons now!teehee!)
YES! I'm wearing a CROP top! hahaha last time I wore one I was a teenager- It was black and said 'wicked' on it!
Love my 90's style necklaces Crystal (a present)and Peace Sign (from Grand Canyon)
My crystal matches my GIANT bindi -which is actually childrens' craft supplies stick on GEMS!
making a spell....or was I talking to myself who knows (that lady is crazy)
Love this long tie dye top -its from a charity shop in Lewes think it was £6
belly butttttonnnn
Cool belt I got from a random 60 yr old man & A sneak peek of my ribs tat...not many folk get to see it!
knee high socks rule!
Obligatory Myspace (who even uses that anymore anyway!) pose!
I was extremely pleased with this outfit, I must remember to wear it again, and as we are having a bit of a crazy end of sept heat wave here in Brighton (normally its cold by now-its been 24degrees!) looks like I don't need to pack away my crop top JUST yet!!!!

off to school...

Okay this is one of the old post from few weeks ago, so no tripod or good camera-just good old in the mirror blurry shots! sozzles!
School Uniform inspired outfit with trusty backpack!
Check Guess Skirt from 90's/Cream Ruffle Shirt from 70's!
Catholic school repression leads to deviance!
I was naughty...think its detention time for me.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sister Psyche

sister Psyche

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Don't say I'm not good to ye!

Etsy Photos! First Batch!

Test shot in my favourite black leather shorts and Litas by Jeffery Campbell!

So what do you think? I'm really happy with them, especially as I just had a flash of inspiration with the fairy lights in the back ground!

What do you think about the mirror? I might move it out of shot- makes the picture too heavy my Bf thinks, but I kinda like it, more bedroomy! Feedback would be much appreciated!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Sneak Peek!
Psssst...The word on the street is that Sister Psyche Etsy Shop is about to officially open its virtual doors to the public! The first shoot happened today...keep your eyes peeled. Its all happening HERE!

Coming soon to

Paint it Black - An obsession with black

A collection of some of the darker outfits I've worn in the past few weeks for you to feast on.

Oh and from now pictures will be taken with a PROPER camera and Tripod! "YAY!" I hear you shout -"no longer must we be inflicted with these goddamn blurry up close 'myspace' type photos!"  I know I know...I'm a very busy person you know! hahaa.

I probably have a few more outfits post lurking around to be posted but after that its 'Professional Frannie' all the way!!!!

Velvet two tone dress (you can't tell its black with shimmers of green and burgundy!)

dark lips and bindi
little back blazer from Allsaints (from when i worked there!)

office fran
I'm pretending I'm a sexy secretary in my head, wait no- a sexy Executive!
EEEE i love my crosses i do!
See though devore dress!
hmmm see-through= Kinky!
This was a costume really (my face was painted Day of the Dead)
I should probably post my face -it looked awesome!
Rosaries go so well with black!

Friday, 23 September 2011

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