Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bare Midriffs and Giant Bindis

Its the 90's again and I'm 13 years old wearing my crop top, Docs and listening to Nirvana-Wait I still do that and I'm 30! My mum would tell me I'm too old for a crop top and short shorts, but sorry Mum I love you but I'm probably always gonna dress the way I want. Inside I'm probably still that teenager trying to rebel! And I still turn heads like a used to (though its probably for different reasons now!teehee!)
YES! I'm wearing a CROP top! hahaha last time I wore one I was a teenager- It was black and said 'wicked' on it!
Love my 90's style necklaces Crystal (a present)and Peace Sign (from Grand Canyon)
My crystal matches my GIANT bindi -which is actually childrens' craft supplies stick on GEMS!
making a spell....or was I talking to myself who knows (that lady is crazy)
Love this long tie dye top -its from a charity shop in Lewes think it was £6
belly butttttonnnn
Cool belt I got from a random 60 yr old man & A sneak peek of my ribs tat...not many folk get to see it!
knee high socks rule!
Obligatory Myspace (who even uses that anymore anyway!) pose!
I was extremely pleased with this outfit, I must remember to wear it again, and as we are having a bit of a crazy end of sept heat wave here in Brighton (normally its cold by now-its been 24degrees!) looks like I don't need to pack away my crop top JUST yet!!!!

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  1. Ahh-you're so cool! I love this look so much, especially the jewellery-was so chuffed when i recently found some old peace sign/yin yang necklaces!


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