Sunday, 11 September 2011

Scotland Visit

Went to Scotland (I don't think I can call it home anymore?!) to do some visiting as I haven't seen some of my pals for over 2 years!
Ace jumper my mum got from my gran - she knitted it a long time ago!
Not what I wanted Rain...Bluegh
 Flew to was see the family, then, MEGAbus to Glasgow....
essential Megabus reading 'Just Kids' By Patti Smith
Almost at Glasgow, can dress more flamboyant now! Woop
Found my wee sister just back from Sicily, who treated me to Sushi! Yum!

Went thought to Edinburgh to see Arcade Fire at the Castle!
excited in front of edin skyline

The approach to the castle looked great if u looked back down the hill
Arcade Fire visuals ruled!
This face makes me happy to no end! So Glad my wee sis could get off work to come with us!
Stayed at the newly refurbished Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow
We ate in the fancy 'Princes Square' It's too fancy for the likes of me.
Check me out.. being fancy!
My handsome Benji bear, I dragged him round ALL the shops that day and only bought one thing!
'Fancy' quickly replaced by 'Tipsy'! Dranka few GINS in Nice & Sleazies on Sauchiehall street! My old hang out.
Two old -but -gold pals. (Oh they are the same age as me I'm not being rude.)

Thumbs up shows you how happy I am to see my pals! 
I WUB her.
Found this cool bit of graffiti on the way to lunch at the Left Bank on Gibson street, and YES I do have shorts on!
hahaha...thats funny.
 Bye and Love to all my good people, hope I can visit you again soon! xxxx

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