Thursday, 2 February 2012

Big 'Betty Beatnik' Black

So Chums, whats been happening? I find myself head to toe in black a lot recently and I'm totally diggin' the beatnik vibes coming from this hat (£2.99 charity shop) and glasses (£2 ebay) I picked up recently.  The fuzzy waistcoat is from eBay too think it was about £7 and I specifically wanted one with pockets, I can't handle jackets/outerwear without them, my hands just seek the holes of the pocket all day and I drive myself crazy! The leather jacket is a rocking soft 90's blazer style from, big surprise, a charity shop think it was about £5. The belt is another charity shop find it was £1.25 me thinks, its pale see-though pink plastic with studs, very 90's, I know this cos I think I had one just like it 'back in the day'(note to self saying that phrase makes you sound old!!Sod it... is 30 old anyway? ah fuck it who cares.)
More photos below (does anyone actually notice the 'read more' bit, or has everyone been missing the main chunk of all my posts?! Hope not! My boyfriend said he never noticed them till I pointed it out!

To continue my obsession with Black, and the theme of music, one of my fav bands.....BIG BLACK....
A surprisingly cool cover of the Kraftwork song, its on Songs about Fucking' -a tremendous album I highly recommend you hunt it down.Well anything Steve Albini does is pretty much worth a listen, I'm yet to find anything I don't like. ANyhoooo...Keep On Rockin GALS!!!


  1. Oh my, totally loving the vibe! I was wondering if you would like to check and/or follow my blog. If so, please let me know so I can follow you on Google Friend Connect :)

    Love, Mary

  2. Oh i love this - i find myself wearing all black lately too) You look really nice!


  3. We are loving this!! Total rockstar!

    PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like! :)

    ox from NYC,



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