Wednesday, 22 June 2011


WANT.want.want....she never fails to impress me- Vivienne Westwood

I want a gimp hat too!

I miss being able to do nobbles...soon my hair will be long enough for the first time since I was 15!

Multi couloured hairy legs...ha beat that franny franny wi her legs like a manny!

Spanish Moss Vintage

Everything I'm in love with at the moment -they stock it! I want it all. Totally in love with thier models too!

The new collection is as inspiring as the vintage they sell! Wish I had the pennies for it!

I love the collection so much I clipped some of it to polyvore and made a quick shrine to them, as you can see here-

Check them out at /
Ps.Keep up the good work guys, and if you need anything...I'm your woman!xxx

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Thursday, 16 June 2011


I've not posted ANYTHING in AGES! I'm sorry..been so busy since coming back from America that I've not had the time, okay okay I forgot about ye's and I'm weeelly sowwwy. forgive me...I've almost finished sorting the holiday pictures so will post them soon I promise, I'm getting badgered by all my friends and family about that!xxx

Lots of new and old obsessions consisting of mainly...
....Adel Rootsteins mannequins
(my new obsession although I've always had a penchant for any kind of mannequin)

.....anything studded and leather (including my new JEFFERY CAMPBELLS! yes you heard me right I got the ostridge harness Litas!)

....tassles(yes still I have new suede tan waistcoat its positively buttery!) (I now have four! No fone you see so I need it to tell the time & my dad he loves them too!)
....wierdly my new fox fur stole I found at a car boot sale (yes I know its summer!)
upside down fox i drewquickly what else...worrying about everything(this may never change)

So I promise to remember to share things with you instead of keeping them all in my head but to be honest its a big ol mess in there, think I need a brain secretary!

rosary from venice beach & thrifted devore velvet waistcoat 99cents!

Mood reactive cross necklace from Hoover damn strangely enough!

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