Thursday, 16 June 2011


I've not posted ANYTHING in AGES! I'm sorry..been so busy since coming back from America that I've not had the time, okay okay I forgot about ye's and I'm weeelly sowwwy. forgive me...I've almost finished sorting the holiday pictures so will post them soon I promise, I'm getting badgered by all my friends and family about that!xxx

Lots of new and old obsessions consisting of mainly...
....Adel Rootsteins mannequins
(my new obsession although I've always had a penchant for any kind of mannequin)

.....anything studded and leather (including my new JEFFERY CAMPBELLS! yes you heard me right I got the ostridge harness Litas!)

....tassles(yes still I have new suede tan waistcoat its positively buttery!) (I now have four! No fone you see so I need it to tell the time & my dad he loves them too!)
....wierdly my new fox fur stole I found at a car boot sale (yes I know its summer!)
upside down fox i drewquickly what else...worrying about everything(this may never change)

So I promise to remember to share things with you instead of keeping them all in my head but to be honest its a big ol mess in there, think I need a brain secretary!

rosary from venice beach & thrifted devore velvet waistcoat 99cents!

Mood reactive cross necklace from Hoover damn strangely enough!

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