Monday, 26 September 2011

Paint it Black - An obsession with black

A collection of some of the darker outfits I've worn in the past few weeks for you to feast on.

Oh and from now pictures will be taken with a PROPER camera and Tripod! "YAY!" I hear you shout -"no longer must we be inflicted with these goddamn blurry up close 'myspace' type photos!"  I know I know...I'm a very busy person you know! hahaa.

I probably have a few more outfits post lurking around to be posted but after that its 'Professional Frannie' all the way!!!!

Velvet two tone dress (you can't tell its black with shimmers of green and burgundy!)

dark lips and bindi
little back blazer from Allsaints (from when i worked there!)

office fran
I'm pretending I'm a sexy secretary in my head, wait no- a sexy Executive!
EEEE i love my crosses i do!
See though devore dress!
hmmm see-through= Kinky!
This was a costume really (my face was painted Day of the Dead)
I should probably post my face -it looked awesome!
Rosaries go so well with black!

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