Sunday, 6 November 2011

Space Face Galaxy Girl

Bonfire weekend was fun! Hope you all had a good one too! Isn't it awesome to see the sky lit up with colours! So inspiring! Here is my experimental photos using a cool 'star light' projector! Think it will be great to incorporate it in my corner area where I take my photos. The more twinkly lights the better eh?!! (Thanks to my lovely boyfriend who bought me the cool light thingy that made these pictures possible!)

Also had the pleasure of meeting brilliant artist Foxx Fisher last night at the Artist Residence in Brighton, its such a cool creative place to meet fellow bohemian characters, the quality of work is always really high and it feels like a real gallery not a money making exploit, which makes a nice change!

Here is my favourite screen print. Its called 'Frisky'... Awesome eh?
........Check out the rest at
( Previously featured Jessica Rose Little had her exhibition at Brighton Artist Residence


  1. I love the photos, of course.

    Don't you love doing light photos like these?

  2. i am so in love with your blog!! i made my boyfriend sit and look at it with me lol as for your shop o m g!! how can you part with all them pieces they are so fucking good? and you know them cuffs and collars that you make whats the lilac one like/which colours your fave? and yes i need to add you to my blog list thing too :) xxxx

  3. Original Seed- Your comment is very flattering considering I find your blog so inspiring, and has probably influenced my images!!! But I'm not sure-Lilac collar? I wish...they are all white/creamy (maybe your callibration of your screen is slightly off or my photos make the colour look like that cos if the coloured lights i use?) I can see why you'd love that- sounds ACE! In fact that is my next mission, to add colour to them and lilac was one of the colours I'm gonna try...along with turquoise and pastel pink! So you are already one step ahead of me GIRL! much lovelyness and


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