Sunday, 6 March 2011

Jessica Rose Little, Exhibition Opening

Edie Sedgwick

my absolute favourite piece, so stunning!

close up detail

Jess's gorgeous sister
Someone noticed Joe (Jess's boyfriend) was in a Brighton Listings magazine! He's a briliiant comedian, we saw him this wk doing stand up and were in stitches!!

Joes brooch, he told me Jess picked it up in a shop and he was instantly like -'I'm having that!' hahaa!

Really sweet mini paintings with romantic notions and sparkles to boot!

Jess giving her speech
I did a toast to Jess, but only to my boyfriend!

I had a really strong emotional response to this one (I wasn't even drunk yet)

A beautiful self portrait.

a wonderfully affectionate portrait, plus my funny man.

Fran's drunk face!
Cheers Jess, what an awesome opening night, brilliant work (which was selling well!!) and we got to meet her lovely family and friends!
Comments Book- lovely sentiments left by friends and family!

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  1. Beautiful paintings, I like this type of style. People may think it is easily achievable, but they don`t know how hard it actually is for a painting to look good when you paint like that.
    And you`re so cute! Love emotions on your face)



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