Sunday, 27 March 2011

Reflecting on last year's love....


god he is handsome!

visit to the highlands with ben

larking about with my wee bro

beer tree!

Geez i was grumpy and hungover that day!

being 'fancy' in Hove

the awesome west pier, and some impressive clouds!

krispy kreme day

bonfire night

train to gatwick

Stole some of the best pictures from my Boyfriends iphone from last year, its really nice to look back over them all and realise, that although we've only been together since my 29th birthday on the 13th of August 2010, we've done so much AND had so much fun!

Loads more pictures I could put up too, still haven't got around to making a post about our trip to Paris in November last year! Must do that soon! 

Maybe the reason I've had time to reflect is beacause my man left me to go to a fancy dress party and stay over night at his friends last night (leaving me 'home alone'!) I started missing him as soon as he walked out of the door, especially as I could hearing his Harley (Custom Night Rod- teehee) roaring off down the street! Sob! God I love that bike!

With no mobile phone, I just have to sit here (ok thats a lie- I'm still in bed) and wait till he comes home later to cheer me up! Love you Ben! (...he reads my blog!sweet huh!)



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