Saturday, 19 March 2011

My recent obsession with Polyvore and my apologies!

Hello Chums!

I've literally just been 'Polyvore'-ing my ass off recently and I do feel pretty guilty about it, I'm sure many of you think its perhaps a lazy way to post, or that it is impersonal, but I'm not sure I can stop...thats how I know I am addicted.

I guess I do it so often now because it cheers me up, it makes me express ideas quickly and easily, and I don't see them harm in that, but if it is a bit like spamming the content of my blog, I hope you can forgive me.

I will try to control myself and turn off the links below each post so its not all unattainable expensive things underneath hogging all the space on my attanable affordable blog normality!!

So as a sorry and a way of trying to recify this repetitive situation I've got my self into, here are some outfit pictures I've been hiding away whilst my obsession with polyvore took over.

NEW HAT!Bargain sheepskin hat for £3!And YES I do get more CUCKOO with every day.  
I call this one "Rich Italian Wife"!hehe..unfortunalty this shirt practically disintegrated after one day of wearing!*sob* Shame cos I love it- Its by 'Teddi of California' so its WELL VINTAGE mate! 


I like this picture as my skin looks good which is a treat when you have had skin like mines over the years!
I'm a bit of a secret hippy can you tell?
Sometimes I'm a green -eyed monster.
I like the hints of 40's in this outfit

Can u tell I'm miles away? Probs thinking bout shoes.
Mega grungy 90's outfit= Guns and Roses tee from my youth, plaid shirt, massive cardi and docs!

60's artsy inspired out fit, Loved this outfit but my the evening my hair had fallen out and didn't look as nice!!
I like the clashyness of the coat! Bit of a wierd face but hey...that my face!I think this could be a bad angle for me!


  1. Haha, polyvore rules!

    Keep up the good work Fran, the blog is always interesting and inspiring

    Dora x


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