Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Trashy Vintage...I heart you.x

Gorgeous 90's DRESS from Trashy Vintage, styled with burgundy BERET I found on the pavement in glasgow in 1999 (styled togther the same way Trashy Vintage had it on ebay..hehe) and fur stole I got free when I bought my sheepskin coat, cos its cold ere!

 Loving my new black boots I got from the charity shop next door, they go so well with this outfit and all my gothy/grungy/90's gear too!
my cross to bear.
 blurry pic sorry but only one I had of the whole look...

I loved this outfit so much I'll probably wear it again soon! I can't get enough of Velvet, Purple, goth/grunge 90's and dark lips...AND no one else I see in Brighton is doing it yet, as far as I've observed, buts soon as its catches on, I'll go off it, I bet!

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