Saturday, 26 February 2011

My Tattoos, Grey Obsession and Dark Lips secret!

MY fox TAT...I got this Tattoo with my first paycheck after moving to Brighton to remind me to be BOLD and FEARLESS in life and to remind me of my great friend Silvi Fox. She creates jewellery under the name 'Trashville'. She gave me confidence when I most needed it, supported me in my ideas and reminded me that being different and unique is a good thing and a strength. She is possibly one of the most inspiring people I've ever met and MAD AS A HATTER, in the best way! (Miss working with you Silvi!)
Grey FRIDAY outfit plus Spaceship necklace I got from Ben for xmas!
I'm obsessed with GREY!!! Grey Snood,cardi & 'Sparkle Bum' (as my collegue Fi was calling me!) sequin skirt plus sneaky glimpse of my thigh tatto, I think it look sgood from this angle!
Little glimpse of my grungy grey mohair beret and dark lips. Here I used black kohl liner first on lips then dark red lipstick. I'm loving the dark lips at the moment but its not fun if your lips are dry! I had to use JOJOBA oil on them because they got that bad! I hate winter now. I'm done with the layering up, and the constant hat and scarf inside!
Join me on the dark side.....(notice the piercing I have recently taken out...only 3 left now!)
USE Extreme 24hr felt tip (EYE)liner in Purple on your LIPS...its stays put all day, doesn't get on your teeth and you can add lip gloss to make shiney or just keep them matte looking!!! Fooking great! At long last a dark colour that withstands a kiss or two!

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