Thursday, 29 March 2012

What is PASTEL GOTH you say?

SO you say...WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? And why has your blog turned into a Japanese teenage girls wet dream? Okay I'm sorry that I'm to old to hang out with teenagers but that 
doesn't mean i don't love teen style! I've picked out some images that I think sum up what Pastel Goth is about, from what I can see it's a softened interpretation of goth (which is a trend I personally never move on from) scene,(dare I say it a little bit emo) and a whole lotta KAWAII. And I'm not ashamed to say I think it's just adorable! Teen bloggers and TUMBLR addicts are all over this trend. You heard it here first!

I love the chalky washed out hair colours, Skeletons, strong lip colour & gothic make up, DIY, studded everything, A BIT PUNKY AND A BIT GRUNGY, sheers, PASTELS OBVIOUSLY, flower crowns and plastic princess tiara's (made famous by THE most famous teen blogger Tavi, aka..ROOKIE. If you haven't heard of have you been?!)

Picture below, Machine A (check out that rockabilly hair do!), Audrey Kitching in middle (one of the most famous 'Scene Queens' is the perfect model with her ever changing candy floss hair!)And Clash magazine:

Japanese street fashion has a lot to do with the Harajuku/ Lolita/ CUTE/ princess aesthetic, and my new favourite brand NIKKILIPSTICK really packs a punky pastel coloured punch.

POLYVORE is the perfect place to see how the teens are playing with this trend,and great if you are not sure which items you'd like to invest in. 

Uk blogger ( bopped this trend on the nose A while back with this perfectly co ordinated hair and shirt combo and lush black lips. 

Last summer Pastel dip dyed cut offs started to emerge and now this kind of studded customised badboys are set to stay a little longer! And I'm very happy about that, as I'm still to find my perfect bleachy, purple tinted cross encrusted pair! We will only know to stop lusting after them once TOPSHOP out out a meek watered down version. If it ends up in TOPSHOP the trend is well and truly over. Well that's my opinion and I'm not gonna change it for nobody. 

Here are some beautiful links for further investigating/shopping if you wish....

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