Saturday, 3 March 2012

Outfit - Seventies Boho Mama

I got this faux fur collar form a charity shop for like £2 and added it to this Next velvet blazer that I got from Ebay for under a tenner I think. Its a size 12 and a bit baggy in the sleeves so I took it in a bit.. and not having a sewing machine at the moment means I hand to HAND SEW it..UGH!

I like how the coat with the collar is a lil' bit Willy Wonka, and with the 70's hat (which is very Prada huh?!) adds up to a whole bag of crazy boho MAMA styling! I love the colour combo of the burgundy velvet with the rusty fur collar and the navy hat. I'm feelin it baby!

lil miss please with herself
I've got my EYE on you.

As seen in last post, the sheer spotty shirt is a fab charity shop find (as well as the hat) cashmere cardigan is a scottish knitwear vintage favourite of mine, I wear it all the time, its warm with out being bulky.Green Leather bag is vintage piece I bought in Glasgow in about 2000. Brooches are a few of my vintage one I've had for years, and my third eye necklace just to add a twist to the outfit. I don't feel complete unless I have a third eye on these days!

Also - I've included a few picturess of one of my jewellery boxes which I picked up of about £2, its glass and just like the ones I remember my aunty having when I was little. Inside are some of my favourite collected vintage jewellery bits n bobs (most of which I'm too scared to wear in case I lose them- silly huh!) and a few lapel pins and and ADORABLE LIL' GLASS ELEPHANT! How cute is he?! I love him- he was only 50p!!!!

What have you guys been buying lately? I shouldn't really buy anything as I'm saving for the move to Sydney but I'm a compulsive bargain hunter I can't help it!


  1. charity shops and 2nd hand markets are so the best thing at the moment. I've been finding great clothes from 1 to 3€ its fckin crazy.
    I wish I could find more vintage jewelry also.
    nice outfit and you that make up looks great on you :)

    1. Yeah, I know I'm literally so bad that now when I go into normal shops I'm like - how much?! For that! No way Jose! - lol! But honestly most modern things I could afford are not made to last! If its second hand I figure it's been test driven for me! Thanks for your comment about my make up, I do sometimes have the time to do it like this, most f the time I just rush and do the same thing! Xxxx

  2. Replies
    1. I love YOUR BLOG! Amazing. Wish I had your figure, hair, face! If I was 5 years younger I'd probably dress as daringly as you. Jealous and in admiration of you! Much love to you star. Xxx

  3. OMG you look so pretty! Your hair + that hat = <3!!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I like to dress like a layyydeeee. The rest of the time I'm a scamp. Xxxx


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