Friday, 16 March 2012

Inspired by friends

I've been spending a lot of time at my good friends Fiona and Pauls' lovely flat in Brighton, and I love how their life inspires me so much! I wanted to share their creativity and beauty, which is reflected by the things around them. 

Fiona's mutual obsession with fashion and vintage is evident in the bright prints, vintage vibes, and an overflowing wardrobe. Flowers, sculptures, interesting books, collected items from travels and gifts from friends thoughtfully grouped and displayed, they tell a story of wonder. Fiona has a lovely little sewing room which is out of my dreams, and a dressing table which could be straight out of a vintage shop (and for some reason reminds me of both of my cool auntie and hippy older cousins' bedrooms in the highlands in the 90's?). 

Such a smart and suited pair, her boyfriend Paul is entertaining, flamboyant and theatrical. Incidentally, Paul is all the way from Glasgow where I used to live, so his accent makes me feel at home. Positivity beams out of these two! They have welcomed me into their special way of living and I love hearing about their far flung stories & travels around the world. They both fuel my lust for travel!

I'm Gonna Miss You Guys. xxxx 
In the sewing room...

Fabulous vintage floral skirt in the best color combination
Skirt I brought round to hem (cos of moving soon I don't have a sewing machine!)
Vintage 70's Dress and Sunning Velvet jacket hanging on door to sewing room. Been in love with this coat since I first laid my 'green with envy' eyes on it. 

Kitch & Surreal!

Vintage lovers wardrobe.

Picked out my favourite piece from her wardrobe!

Building from outside... quite something huh?

SO........WHO INSPIRES YOU???????

Oh and... I dyed my hair, what do you think? its mostly like the first pic, the other two you cant see how red it is in the light.......Also sneak peek of some of my 'house clothes' I mentioned previously (You know...those clothes you simply can't wear outside!)
Really old topshop jumper, slightly tatty lowbrow tee, fair isle slipper socks, hareem hippy pants 
 not my style out of the house, but indoors, hell yeah! Good crotch air circualtion man!
 Yeah i get a hot crotch what of it?!

Ps. I'm shy (Come on share YOUR house clothes! Jammies AHOY!) xxx


  1. My house clothes are basically the same as yours!

  2. That blue velvet coat is AWESOME!!!

    1. I knw right?! It's very similar to a purple one I have but when I saw fi's I was like, I like yours more!


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