Tuesday, 27 March 2012

we come in peace.

As an avid Sci-Fi fan I'm personally digging all the other worldly goings on in fashion at the moment. From metallics, body armour, shimmery fabrics, unreal hair colours to full faced colour make up and sculptural hair do's, fashion has finally shook off it's steely austere and started having fun again. Here are a few of my favourite details and items that I think show the future of this trend is as exciting and thrilling as space travel itself! 

The always edgy and forward thinking, Alexander MQueen's much discussed alien shoes, wild silhouettes and sculptural hairdos. 

Hussein Chalayan & Swarovski created this very 'Blade Runner' dress which could easily be a costume in a sci Fi future movie! It has two layers LED lights with a layer of translucent fabric covering it. AWESOME! 

The awe inspiring Meadham & Kirchhoff's catwalk hair & make up, is colourful and playful, with interesting fabrics giving a otherworldly space age feel. The hair chocked is particularly interesting and forward thinking! Playful colours make me think of futuristic utopian costumes from Sci Fi shows. 

Jeremy Scott amazingly fun wigs, spacey bindis and shiny fabrics, make me feel all happy and bubbly inside. Playfuly wild and refreshing! 

Tequila Star has two separate lines in original designs under the name To Kill A Star....

And a fab jewellery line...(Pictures to follow..)

There is such a wealth of exciting fun designs out there and with the Tumblr generation of teens pushing fashion trends in very uncharted (heehe..get it?) direction I can't wait to see what designers come up with next! The future belongs to our kids! 

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