Saturday, 8 January 2011

TOPSHOP and my moral struggle.

I'm not actually a fan of Topshop as I worked for them when I was 19 and left feeling like they were a bit mean to their employee's treating us like numbers not people, but recently I've found myself wandering into their store to have a look and have found some great things I kinda want to buy. HOWEVER I haven't quite taken the plunge yet, as I worry about my hard earned cash lining Philip Green's tax avoiding pockets but hey, they still have a great design team, who obviously know what they are doing, I can't dispute that! Here is what I WOULD buy if my concience would let me....

What DO YOU THINK about the whole thing? I have my personal reasons and I don't blame anyone for not knowing or caring about the issue, so it would be great to hear what you think about it all, read the guardian article I've linked here if you want to know more about the protests...But god I'd like to buy something from Topshop guilt free please!?!


  1. Green's tax avoidance is symptomatic of the Mega-rich. It's a sad fact that the worlds richest people are the ones best equipped to exploit the Law. The connection between his finances and the ethical behaviour of Topshop is probably not as direct as the media would make out, so my purchasing decision would probably be more influenced by the trade practices of Topshop and my perception of what kind of value their products represented.

  2. How cool is that last shirt?? I've never seen such a design! Inspiring :)

    VPV Intern


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