Thursday, 13 January 2011

My gorgeous friend Katerina Lambrou's collection...simply stunning!

I met KATERINA LAMBROU, when we both worked at AllSaints in Glasgow in 2006, and I knew she had something a bit different, looks like she has proved me right! Her new collection is putting a spring into my step with these fresh, flirtatious, girly designs! They make me miss her fabulous smile and sunny demeaner even in winter. What a girl...and the model looks a bit like her too! Bless.

The colours and watery patterns on this outfit make me happy, the sleeves too! And I'm not even a fan of pink!!!!

love the subtle triangles on the lower part of the dress!

Love the socks!!!

This is the outfit that reminds me of Kat the most!
Did I mention she's a stunner?...Looks and Talent, this girl has it all!!! Can't wait to see what she does next! Keep your eyes peeled!

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