Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Meet my lil sis....

Her name is Jennifer, she is 21 and at Art School in Glasgow. She is currently studying in Budapest for a few months.

She is very adventurous, and is always off travelling somewhere! Before Budapest it was Sicily! I am EPICALLY proud of her and think she has turned into an awesome adult! I used to look after her a lot when she was little, when she was born, as I was 9 and loved the teaching her things and playing, as I got older I was frequently babysitter for her and my wee bro! Smart, arty, cool, brave, original, she is all the things I hoped for her, and more! I hope that I had something to do with that! I miss her everyday and some of my happiest times in Glasgow were when she moved into my flat and lived there for a while, man...we had some special times! She cooked awesome meals for me all the time and looked after me when I was ill. (Although she stole a lot of my t-shirts!)

This post is because one of her friends posted these beautiful pictures of her and I remembered how much I miss her kind little soul. She makes everything fun when she is around! But I'm glad she is off living her life to the full! Can't wait to hear her new travelling stories! SO PROUD!!!
 MISS YOU & LOVE YOU JENNY!!!!(Photos borrowed from her beautiful friend Francisca Sottomayor)

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  1. that was _so_ cute!!!! you deserve each other.
    I've got a little brother and we have the same age difference your girls do :)


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