Thursday, 1 December 2011

Frida Kahlo Inspired Outfit

Et Volia!...what do you think? How cool is the lil hat looks so cute all jaunty! I want to get a flower garland crown now and take some more Frida images, might even do the joining eyebrows!  I did make my eyebrows kinda big! They def could be bigger though. I took lots more pictures with the other items but thats enough for today me thinks! The rest to follow...thanks for dropping by! LOVE ya! xxx


  1. lookin good franbo, lookin good. totally dig the ensamble - u lucky lady getting packages in the mail....very very lucky.


  2. Wow, this an ideal inspiration/combo, I am a big big fan. This looks so real and great; I want you to costume a movie of her life or something!


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