Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Gypsy Woman

Quick wee post...took these few weeks ago, when I took a bunch of piccys and forgot about them, so thought they shouldn't go to waste, as there is something I quite like about them, maybe cos one of my ex boyfriends when I was 18 used to sing "Gyspy Woman" to me, think its from a Rolling Stones song, although I'm not sure as there are many songs with that lyric....

Love this maxi skirt I found in Norway, its vintage and like a tapestry blanket or something...I love the colours, these pics are a bitty dark so you can't see that they are actually quite bright shades. I may sell it. Not decided yet.

The head scarf was my Mums from the 70's I think, its pretty tatty and has lost some of the beads that are meant to hang down, but I've loved it ever since she let me play with it all those years ago when I used to dress up in her clothes (particularly when no one was around!)

I feel sometimes like maybe I was a gypsy in a past life! Haha! Maybe that why I suit this look so much...all I need is the gold earrings!

P.s Sorry about the messy background!

Here is another song called Gypsy Woman  by Crystal Waters, which I remember loving when I was young!

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