Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Black Velvet Dress & White Frill Socks

Hello Chums. Wee quick outfit post, showing a DIFFERENT corner of my room, oh the HORROR! Its not so pretty or tidy as the one I do the Etsy pics in....But HEY HO.
This is nice black lip gloss I've had for ages but forgot about, it is bit messy tho, I prefer those eye liner pens you know like a felt tip, ALSO I love the colours that my lights create, subtle pastels!

Collarbones Gothy Bitch (oh yeah-my face looks sad cos I was having a crap morning)
I wish my room was tidy, less cluttered, prettier...and bigger (and I hate the red duvet cover)

Are you trying to seduce me? Heeeheeee
White face pigtails GIRL (these last two pictures are a bit cheesy but there is something I like about them?!)
Oh right better tell you the story of this outfit I guess, SO I got this dress from one of my regularly frequented Charity shops(shocker I know!) It's another Primark winter 2010 Velvet number, I have about 6 things from this range they did! Think its gonna be a great BASE Item! OH I might wear it with my white puffy TUTU underneath and a belt!

Can't believe people are getting rid of these already (don't they know VELVET is still HOT!) but HEY its great for me as I have a self imposed Primark BAN that hasn't really lifted yet, apart from when I need tights, oh and these socks, although I'm sure I could find nicer ones than these, the frill just isn't FRILLY enough, you know! Also I shouldn't of had them pulled up so high in the last two pics! Eeek!

Anyway this was a few days ago so I  thought I'd better post it before it goes off....Eugh STALE Fashion....No one wants that!

Peace out y'all.....LOVE YOU!!!

P.S the shoes are for sale in my etsy shop HERE

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  1. love this look on you! those frilly
    white socks are so adorable on you


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