Friday, 30 December 2011

Everything In Burgundy AND Velvet Please (Obviously)

I got my Docs today!!!! Wooooopppp...and my shorts I ordered for myself, oh and a wee last minute xmas present....Check it out. Made my day alright!
Oh you should check out this awesome band (Suicide Party) They gave me this tee when we put them on in Glasgow in 2009
Got these from, for £23 think they sold out right after I ordered them- PHEW! I may change the button to silver? Peachy though eh? I've been after a pair of velvet hot pants for ages, since last year, but they all been too expensive! Happy FRANNIE

Oh looks like my ombre tips have re emerged after washing my hair!
lookey you can just see them.....
My fringe isnt scaring me as much any more, getting used to it now!

Velvet Docs AHOY!!!
Can't stop looking at them!

Uhh ohh I fell in da bath.
Some 'sexy' toilet posing...Oh you are naughty.

These shorts are my hot hot sex.

My boyfriends sister Cinnamon, sent me this from Australia for xmas! It smells amazing! Such cool design too!

So what is everyone doing/wearing for new year?

Think I might wear practically this outfit (maybe with a headband) but instead of band tee with black and gold sparkly vintage top and big fur coat? OH and MASSIVE hair, like my halloween hair!

Going to my pal Jessica Little's for the Bells then on to a two level house party (plus balcony for fireworks/moon gazing) near my house! I'm not paying to party BABY!

I'll be drinking Champagne to start, then maybe sum cocktails, then GIN and grapefruit. YUM!

Happy new Year CHUMS. Hope next year is your best yet.

Peace and Love to all the lovers for 2012 and BEYOND!

Reach to the Nebulas and Stay Stellar! (Ohhhh maybe I found me a wee catch phrase there!hahaaa)


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