Thursday, 21 April 2011

Gothy grunge seems to be my safety net!

Black outfit, Nirvana tee AND I frooofed my hair! (oh and furry collar till the sun warms me up!)
Pale face red lips! Classic!
I liked my make up on this day, also have on same long back cardi as always!!!
I got dressed quickly so borrowed Ben's shirt!
Wearing 'that leather jacket' AGAIN! it smells interesting (but I secretly love the smell!)
Alex Garcia for Lowbrow tee!
Buckled navy vintage biker boots!
My little Bro is called Lewis! teehee!
Trusty Black cross necklaces (from...ahem...Primark)

I've been going out on Ben's Harley quite a lot at the moment and been so busy that I'm having no time to think about what I'm goin to wear in the morning! SO...I've been loving the familiarity of some timeless pieces I own, such as my band tee's, black cardi, black jeans, biker boots, leather Jacket, various furry items, dark lips and eyes, my dads & boyfriends old plaid shirts and cross necklaces (from mens section in Primark) have all been rotated and recycled into many outfits in the past few weeks, whack on a hat or top knot for lazy hair days: And I'm set to Go!!!

It's actually too warm to dress in all these layers summery outfits from now on I promise!


  1. Like your boots
    Follow and comment and we'll follow back

  2. think im goin to sell the boots, if you are a six let me know! xx


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