Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cannibal Corpse Tee Reinvented

Sorry folks, but keeping this badboy, this Cannibal Corpse tee had seen better days, and after taking the form of a raggedy vest for a few years I unpicked it for the 2nd time and (lazily) safety pinned it to the back of my denim jacket. I sewed the sequins on years ago, much to the surprise of my fellow moshers back in the day. I love how faded and deteriorated the print has become. AWESOME!!!

I have tried to dye this jacket, I did a colour stripper which had only very slight lightening effect, then french lavender Dylon hand dye, then a pastel pink dye on top of that, to almost no effect...So I conclude it seems to be resistant to any kind of alteration! How annoying! Maybe I'll take off the patch and try machine dye, but I'm worried I'll shrink the jacket even more, its already tiny!

PS.I had no pants on here...heheeee....Danger sewing LOL.

Peace and no pants my friends. xxxx

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  1. Very cool!! Great re-creation of an old tee :) I love giving old clothes new life... especially the ones I can't bear to part with!

    Love & Cake,


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