Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sometimes I'm like an Old Theatre

Ben and I were given tickets to see SPAMALOT!!! It was really funny! Thanks Eleanor!
Front row seats....I like how the theatre matched my outfit....And made me glow red!

MORE the read more link.....
See...everything was Red and Velvety!
Ohm nom nom...
Loved the curtain! Overheard a lady telling her daughter that the curtain was for safety...Um I'm pretty sure its so you can't see the set/scene changes?!!! LOL 
Curtain Fringe!!!
My Fringe....see! 

The jewellery I'm wearing at the mo...Ear cuffs -ebay...celtic cross -a gift from my parents for my 12/13th birthday,  eye necklace- amazon.

Red Velvet Theatre Crotch..all I need is sum fringing down there...oh wait....
Had to wear my most Dramatic Coat DAHHHHLING! 

Ben..."do cheeky"
Ben..."more cheeky...No that is just crazy now!" 

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