Sunday, 8 April 2012

Chloe Sevingy 4 Opening Ceremony (Shoes Obsession)

Would you ever need another pair of boots after purchasing these two? I think not. First are classic & sexy, the second, grungy and the quintessential 90's shape.

Look at the way the leather wrinkles. Leather is too sexual, I think I might have a leather fetish. I do have several leather jackets, shorts, a dress and quite a few waistcoats and bags(and boots) YUP I GOTTA PROBLEM. 

I know your probably thinking I'm way behind on this one but when these came out I was too busy to blog about it then I stumbled across them again and recalled having tiny little orgasmic shivers when I looked at these stunning creations. It's not like Chloe Sevingy isn't already stunning & hip but is also very talented, by the looks of things too. These shoes are as sexy as Jeffrey Campbells. Yes I said it. The price tag however means they will continue to be the shoes of my dreams, and the fact they are most likely sold out means I don't have to fool myself that no one would of noticed if I maxed out my credit card, had no money to eat and started licking my own shoes. But seriously...I fucking love her. I could look at her FOREVER. I could literally repost every picture I find of her but that would be creepy. 

And these creeper style shoes. I've had a picture of these lurking on my iPad since they first came out. So classic and simple. Get in my dream closet! 

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