Sunday, 1 April 2012

total GIRLCRUSH- liv tyler

I've just recently watched Empire Records!(I won't go into what a truly bad film it is, you can discover that yourself!) but I will say it made me remember what a stone cold fox Liv Tyler is. So thought I'd share her stunning face & shapes with a few piccys. The top one is quite recent, showing that she's STILL smoking hot! And I guess like everyone else who watches Empire Records to discover the ONLY GOOD THING about it is Liv's outfit shown in last picture. As I was looking for a picture of it I realised that many a grunge & 90's lover has lusted after and tried to recreate it, so I'm not the first and I'm sure I won't be the last! Enjoy. And if you've seen any items like her outfit on sale online, let me know! God how I want a soft wee jumper like that! And the boots. Ugh, sexual. 

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  1. Damn, I wanted to see that movie, I thought it would be sooo good, probably mostly because of her outfit :P

    good to be forewarned, I guess. I like Liv cause she always has a bit of a cool outsider vibe going on, not too mainstream like a lot of other hollywood ladies. having a rockstar dad probably helped.


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