Monday, 16 April 2012

Big trend 2012 pastel make up YUMMINESS

Following hot on the heels of the massive pastel hair trend last year, is the fabulous 'fit for a princess' pastel make up! It fills my heart with the dreams & fantasies of the 9 yr old girl I once was! BLESS.

Mixed with candy floss hair colours it's straight out of the 'my little pony' colour palette! With a nostalgic love for unicorns, gems and glitter, this trend is perfect for the whimsical fantasy lovers amongst us. Personally I still get a kick from the smell of a new plastic toy or pencil case, collecting stickers, finding novelty erasers and sticking gems to everything! Kawaii fans everywhere will understand that feeling! 

Softly sheer with iridescent shimmer it's perfect to mix with edgy nu-goth outfits, studded shorts, cartoon tee, spiked accessories, bleachy denim, alien/horror themed jewellery, flower crowns hair adornments & goth platforms/creepers. PERFECT!

Love this above image from Mac, totally sums up the trend, with this key look. I haven't invested in any Mac products yet, but with a strong following amongst fashion insiders and make up artists alike, I think I'll be buying soon!

For Eyes I'd reccommend Givinchey's Prisme seen here, 

plus Bourjouis have lots of lovely pastel shades, and this L'oreal silver is a favourite of mine for inner corners of my eyes.

and a pastel blush by Missha....
FOR LIPS I'd recommend the lipstick sensations LIMECRIME!!! Sexy colour chart & link shown here-

How badass are these shades? They have cute names like 'airborne unicorn', 'no she didn't' and 'great pink planet'!

For contrast try deep shades to add more 'Goth' to your pastel eyes with 'Styletto'&'Glamour101, or stay pastel on the lips with the icy 'd'lilac'or the edgy 'mint to be'. Either way I'M IN LOVE!

So its seems the pastel hair trend lives on stronger than ever, which is making me think about bleaching the B'jesus outta my hair, and going pastel pink or lilac!? OR BOTH! Say good bye to soft conditioned hair, hello candy floss locks! After finding this picture of Drew I decided it must happen ASAP!!!

I will update you on my progress.. FORMOREYUMMINESS...

(All images are easily found by searching pastel make up & hair on Google images if you want to find the sources, sorry quick post no time to link them up.)

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