Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I'm a Kingdom of Style Fangirl.

Definitely one of the most elegant, beautiful and innovative bloggers around, 'Queen Michelle' of 'KINGDOM OF STYLE' never fails to impress me with her interesting and cutting edge take on fashion. I've fallen in love with her effortless grace, and follow her avidly to see what she's up to! 

Influential amongst the Scottish fashion clan, she sets trends and highlights new designers such as our mutual friend Hilary Laing with her instantly recognisable scribble patterned prints. Click these links to see more about Hilary-www.hilarylaing.com plus blog posts
kingdom of style- Lets Hear It For Hilary! 
kingdom of style- Scribbles on my legs

Sometimes I find myself lusting after a certain items of clothing or trying to dress in a certain way then I realise it's subconsciously been influenced by this lovely lady's incredible styling and attention to detail. She is also a graphic designer by day and a ballerina by night...So I say LONG LIVE THE QUEEN (MICHELLE)!!!

Ps. She also designed the famous Black Milk Clothing Logo! OMG!

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