Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I Pure Like...

Peter Pan collars make me so happy at the moment, either really big or really small.

Thin silky Blouses (they make me feel sexy! even if you can only see the collar.)Like this one on ebay from the 40's

This is my family Tartan (Maclean Hunting Tartan)
Forest Green.....
Boho go with all my 70's gear.

or this one from ebay...Burgundy wool felt!

70's colour palette of Brown particularly Beige, Coffee, Tan also Mustard....right through to Orange and Yellow.
My trusty Doctor Martens
for looking after my feet for the past two winters and helping me feel safe to walk without slipping whilst looking good! cos I HATE WELLIES!
LOOK at these awesome Vivienne Westwood Designed Docs!

Screen Savers for your Telly that look like a Log fire!!!!! Crackly goodness.

Men with Beards (grey flecks a must!)

Woolly tights (I don't wanna be too sensible in winter, so I can still wear skirts and shorts now!)

Frosty mornings. Mist. Sparkly & Pretty.
Chocolate Brioche. I. eat. too. much....I warm it up on the raidiator!

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